Our sustainability solutions offer a patented approach to applying environmental criteria within a robust investment framework. Drawing upon our close work with leading scientists and decades of experience integrating research and data within investment processes, our strategies are designed to target measurable sustainability goals while maintaining broad diversification, efficient cost management, and a focus on higher expected returns.

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Dimensional’s Sustainability Funds:
A Science-Based Approach to Sustainability Investing

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    We use ESG-related research to identify environmental risks we believe have the potential to impose significant external costs on future generations.
    Our approach focuses on the main drivers of climate change—greenhouse gas emissions.
    Our sustainability solutions target a meaningful reduction in exposure to greenhouse gas emissions and potential emission from fossil fuel reserves.

The Sustainability Opportunity
Describes Dimensional's approach to sustainability investing provides a science-based approach to investing for sustainability-minded investors.
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Sustainability Reports
Present key sustainability metrics for the Dimensional Sustainability Trusts, highlight the effectiveness of Dimensional's approach to reducing exposure to emissions.
Australian Sustainability Trust
Emerging Markets Sustainability Trust
Global Bond Sustainability Trust
Global Sustainability Trust
Two-Year Sustainability Fixed Interest Trust
Sustainability World Allocation 70/30 Trust

Environmental and Social Voting Summary: Sustainability Funds
Provides a summary of proxy voting activities on environmental and social issues for Dimensional's sustainability funds.
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