Monthly Non-Valuation Dates

Dimensional Wholesale Trusts

April 2021

Each month we list dates when Dimensional Trusts won't be priced.

Trust Non-Valuation Date
ALL Dimensional Trusts                        02 & 05 April
Dimensional Emerging Markets Trust                           06 April

On these dates Dimensional will not process applications or redemptions for the specified Trusts. Transactions sent to Dimensional on a non-valuation day (i.e. a day on which a price is not calculated) will be processed the following business day.

The price of a unit in a Trust is ordinarily calculated each day other than a Saturday or Sunday or National Public Holiday in Australia unless, in Dimensional’s view, a significant proportion of the markets in which the Trust(s) invest, or to which the Trust(s) are exposed, is closed for business, in accordance with Dimensional’s policy on unit pricing discretions. A copy of that document is available free of charge by contacting Dimensional.

Please remember that this is a guide only and the information may be subject to change.