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Global Bond Sustainability Trust AUD Class

Inception Date 12/04/18
Fund Net Assets $1.016 B (As at 31/07/22)

The Trust is managed to invest in a broadly diversified portfolio of eligible intermediate term domestic and global fixed interest and money market securities. Within portfolio constraints, including controls on portfolio maturity, security maturity, credit quality and diversification, and adjusted to take into account certain environmental and sustainability impact and social considerations, the objective of the Trust is to maximise the return of the portfolio. The Trust is not managed with the objective of achieving a particular return relative to a benchmark index. However, to compare the performance of the Trust with a broad measure of market performance, reference may be made to the Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Bond Index hedged to the Australian dollar (for AUD class units), or to the New Zealand dollar (for NZD class units). Investors should note that the index is referred to for comparison purposes only. The performance of the Trust may differ significantly from the index.

Returns (As at 31/07/22)(As at 30/06/22)

Calendar Year Returns

Fund Reference Index
2021 -2.56% -1.53%
2020 7.16% 5.09%
2019 8.57% 7.19%

Annualised Returns

Fund Reference Index
YTD -8.79% -7.15%
1 Year -10.71% -8.23%
3 Year -1.55% -1.04%
Since Inception 1.14% 1.12%

Annualised Returns

Fund Reference Index
YTD -12.46% -9.41%
1 Year -12.89% -9.33%
3 Year -2.51% -1.63%
Since Inception 0.18% 0.56%

Trust performance is net of fees and costs, includes dividends and other earnings and assumes the reinvestment of distributions. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Dimensional does not guarantee the performance of any trust or strategy referred to, the repayment of capital or particular rates of return. Performance figures are as at the date shown and are subject to change; therefore current performance may be higher or lower than the performance shown. Returns for periods shorter than one year are not annualised. Investors should consider the current PDS in deciding whether to invest in the trusts or to continue to hold their investments in the trusts. A copy of the most current PDS is available at The trust is not managed with the objective of achieving a particular return relative to a benchmark index. A reference index has been provided for comparison purposes only and is not intended to represent the current or targeted asset allocation. Trust performance may differ significantly from the reference index. 

Data provided by Bloomberg.

Fees and Costs

Management Costs 0.350%
Transaction Costs Allowance - entry 0.10%
Transaction Costs Allowance - exit -0.10%

Management costs comprise management fees, expense recoveries and indirect costs. Section 6 of the Product Disclosure Statement contains further information on fees and costs including a breakdown of management costs into management fees, indirect costs and expense recoveries. The expense recoveries and indirect costs components are calculated based on the relevant costs incurred for the financial year to 30 June 2021. Where applicable, the Transaction Costs Allowance is paid to the trust and is not a fee paid to Dimensional.

Characteristics (As at 31/07/22)


Number of Holdings 491
Average Maturity (Years) 8.19
Yield to Maturity 3.43%
Average Duration (Years) 7.27

Maturity Allocation

1 - 3 Years 3.12%
3 - 5 Years 9.87%
5 - 7 Years 12.94%
7 - 10 Years 59.72%
10 - 20 Years 14.34%

Maturity based on effective date of securities.

Holdings are subject to change.

Numbers may not total 100% due to rounding.


Calendar Year

Record Date Ex-Date Payable Date Type Rate per Unit Reinvestment Price
29/03/19 01/04/19 04/04/19 Dividend $0.22513988 $10.2088
28/06/19 01/07/19 12/07/19 Dividend $0.44069541 $10.0961
30/09/19 01/10/19 04/10/19 Dividend $0.13182307 $10.2229
Record Date Ex-Date Payable Date Type Rate per Unit Reinvestment Price
30/06/20 01/07/20 14/07/20 Dividend $0.32670693 $10.2095
30/09/20 01/10/20 07/10/20 Dividend $0.13372147 $10.2369
31/12/20 04/01/21 07/01/21 Dividend $0.11424062 $10.2560
Record Date Ex-Date Payable Date Type Rate per Unit Reinvestment Price
30/09/21 01/10/21 06/10/21 Dividend $0.00993812 $9.9893

Distribution data reported by DFA Australia Limited represents past distributions and are not indicative of future distributions.

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NZD classes of units are measured in New Zealand dollars. All other unit classes are measured in Australian Dollars.