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An enduring belief in the

Power of  Markets

Capital Markets Have Rewarded
Long-Term Investors
Growth of $1 AUD, Jan. 1985–Dec. 2016

In AUD. Indices are not available for direct investment. Their performance does not reflect the expenses associated with the management of an actual portfolio. Government Bills are the Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index; Short-Term World Government Bonds is the Citi World Government Bond Index 1–5 Year hedged to the Australian dollar; World Equities is the MSCI World Index (gross div.); Australian Inflation is measured as changes in the Australian Consumer Price Index. Bill data is provided by Bloomberg. World Government Bond Index 1–5 Year data is provided by Citi. MSCI World Index data provided by MSCI. Inflation data is provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

At Dimensional, our investment approach is based on a belief in markets.

Rather than relying on futile forecasting or trying to outguess others, we draw information about expected returns from the market itself—letting the collective knowledge of its millions of buyers and sellers set security prices.

Letting markets do what they do best—drive information into prices—frees us to spend time where we believe we have an advantage, namely in how we interpret the research, how we design and manage portfolios and how we service our clients. It means we take a less subjective, more systematic approach to investing—an approach we can implement consistently and investors can understand and stick with, even in challenging market environments.

Embrace Market Pricing

The market is an effective information-processing machine. Market participants buy and sell securities millions of times per day in the world markets. The real-time information they bring helps set security prices.

In AUD. Year-end Bloomberg close FX rates used to convert original USD data to AUD. Source: World Federation of Exchanges members, affiliates, correspondents and non-members. Trade data from the global electronic order book. Daily averages were computed using year-to-date totals as of 31 December 2016, divided by 250 as an approximate number of annual trading days.

David Booth
David Booth
Founder and Executive Chairman, Dimensional Fund Advisors LP
“The number of managers that can successfully pick stocks are fewer than you’d expect by chance. So, why even play that game? You don’t need to.”


Applying insights from


Breakthroughs in Modern Finance
  • 1966Efficient Market Hypothesis
    Efficient Market Hypothesis
    Eugene Fama
    Nobel laureate, 2013
    Professor, University of Chicago
    Eugene Fama’s efficient market hypothesis marks a pivotal moment for modern finance. The essence of the argument can be described by the simple statement that security prices reflect all available information.
  • 1973Intertemporal CAPM
    Intertemporal CAPM
    Robert Merton
    Nobel laureate, 1997
    Professor, MIT
    The ICAPM set up a theoretical framework for how multiple sources of risk could arise. It expanded on the one-period CAPM model where the only priced risk was market beta.
  • 1981Small Cap Investing
    Small Cap Investing
    Dimensional Fund Advisors
    David Booth, Founder
    and Executive Chairman
    Dimensional pioneers small cap investing with the launch of its first strategy, which offers investors diversified, efficient access to small company stocks.
    1981 Dimensional Fund Advisors LP Founded
  • 1983Term Structure
    Term Structure
    Eugene Fama
    Nobel laureate, 2013
    Professor, University of Chicago
    Research shows implied forward interest rates provide information on expected term premiums in fixed interest.
  • 1992Value Breakthrough
    Value Breakthrough
    Eugene Fama
    Nobel laureate, 2013
    Professor, University of Chicago
    Kenneth French
    Professor, Dartmouth College
    Eugene Fama and Kenneth French develop the three-factor asset pricing model, which identifies market, size and price (value) factors as the principal drivers of equity returns.
  • 2012Profitability
    Eugene Fama
    Nobel laureate, 2013
    Professor, University of Chicago
    Kenneth French
    Professor, Dartmouth College
    Robert Novy-Marx
    Professor, University of Rochester
    A body of academic research led to identifying profitability as a dimension of higher expected returns that can be pursued across equity markets.
  • Today
    Dimensional’s Research and Investment teams draw insight from academia, but what sets us apart is how we interpret, test and apply that research to practical investment solutions for our clients.
  • Tomorrow
    Dimensional was built around a set of ideas bigger than the firm itself. With a confidence in markets, deep connections to the academic community and a focus on implementation, we go where the science leads, and continue to pursue new insights, both large and small, that can benefit our clients.

“Dimensional” refers to the Dimensional separate but affiliated entities generally, rather than to one particular entity. These entities are Dimensional Fund Advisors LP, Dimensional Fund Advisors Ltd., DFA Australia Limited, Dimensional Fund Advisors Canada ULC, Dimensional Fund Advisors Pte. Ltd., and Dimensional Japan Ltd.

Eugene Fama and Kenneth French are members of the Board of Directors for and provide consulting services to Dimensional Fund Advisors LP. Robert Merton and Robert Novy-Marx provide consulting services to Dimensional Fund Advisors LP.

Dimensional’s investment approach is grounded in economic theory and backed by decades of empirical research.

Our internal team of researchers works closely with leading financial economists to better understand where returns come from.

Research has shown that securities that offer higher expected returns share certain characteristics, which we call dimensions. To be considered a dimension, these characteristics must be sensible, persistent over time, pervasive across markets and cost-effective to capture.

The Evolution of Indexing and Dimensional
Eugene Fama
Eugene Fama
Nobel laureate, 2013 Professor, University of Chicago; Director and Consultant, Dimensional Fund Advisors LP
“We’re very careful in looking at new research that comes along and making sure it’s robust.”

Understanding what drives returns is the starting point. From here, we focus on fine-tuning our method of capturing them.

We structure broadly diversified portfolios that emphasise the dimensions of higher expected returns, while addressing the tradeoffs that arise when executing strategies.

Every day our portfolio managers and traders seek to balance costs against expected returns and diversification. We work for the slightest expected gain, as every incremental improvement can add up over-time.

The Gap Between Reality
and a Model
Limitations of the Model False Positives Insights MODEL REALITY
Academic models provide useful insight, but they are incomplete. It’s in the gap between reality and a model where sound judgment and experience matter. Play Watch Dimensional Stories: Models
Gerard O'Reilly
Co-Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer, Dimensional Fund Advisors LP
“The nuance and expertise is where you take knowledge and information and implement it in a real test, not in the backtest.”


A commitment


The Global Financial Crisis and Its Aftermath
A key to a good long-term investment experience is being able to stay with your investment philosophy, even during tough times. During the rocky 2008–2012 period, many investors sold their equity funds. Within the Dimensional Global Firms*, equity funds had inflows throughout the period, which could suggest that in aggregate investors were prepared to withstand the market’s movements in order to pursue long-term results.
Equity Flows Mobile/Tablet

In USD. MSCI World Index data provided by MSCI. Dimensional Global Equity Flows include flows from all comingled funds with the exception of Balanced, Target Date, and Fixed Income funds. Additionally, the funds include only those with one of the following legal entities: DFA Investment Dimensions Group Inc., DFA Participating Group Trust, DFA International Group Trust, Dimensional Emerging Markets Value Fund, DFA Investment Trust Company, Dimensional Investment Group Inc., DFA Australia Trust, Dimensional Funds plc (Ireland), Dimensional Fund Advisors Canada Inc., Dimensional Funds ICVC (UK) and Dimensional Funds plc II (Ireland). A flow is any trade that is a purchase, sell, exchange purchase, exchange sell, dividend, long-term capital gain or short-term capital gain. This excludes any flows from other DFA mutual funds. Each flow is converted to USD on the trade date using WM Reuters London Close FX rates. For illustrative purposes only.

Dimensional Investing is about providing a successful investment experience.

That means more than considering investment returns. It means offering peace of mind knowing that a transparent approach backed by decades of research is powering every decision.

Markets go up and they go down. The goal of Dimensional Investing is to help people be prepared, so they can stick with their plan.

Institutional Investor’s
2016 Money Masters
Dave Butler
Co-Chief Executive Officer, Head of Global Financial Advisor Services, Dimensional Fund Advisors LP
“The client experience has always been, and will continue to be, why we do what we do.”

*“Dimensional Global Firms” refers to the Dimensional separate but affiliated entities generally, rather than to one particular entity. These entities are Dimensional Fund Advisors LP, Dimensional Fund Advisors Ltd., DFA Australia Limited, Dimensional Fund Advisors Canada ULC, Dimensional Fund Advisors Pte. Ltd., and Dimensional Japan Ltd. Dimensional Directors refers to the Board of Directors of the general partner of Dimensional Fund Advisors LP.

The material contained on this site has been issued by DFA Australia Limited (AFS Licence No.238093, ABN 46 065 937 671).

For informational purposes only. All information is given in good faith and without warranty and should not be considered investment advice or an offer of any security for sale.

Robert Merton, Ken French, Eugene Fama and Robert Novy-Marx provide consulting services to Dimensional Fund Advisors LP. Ken French and Eugene Fama also serve on the board of directors of Dimensional Fund Advisors LP. Myron Scholes serves as an independent director on the board of directors for mutual funds managed by Dimensional Fund Advisors LP.

Profitability is a measure of current profitability, based on information from individual companies’ income statements